I Love Jeans!

I Love Jeans!

Finding the perfect jeans to love almost makes you want to believe in unicorns!  I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair.   And this brings me to one of my new favorite brands, Good American Jeans.  This brands denim make curvy chic’s feel fab!

Requirements for Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans……

So let’s put the requirements into perspective when it comes to jeans and a Fab 40Ward body:

  1. You have to have jeans that don’t make you feel like a stuffed sausage!  Because who wants to feel like there on the verge of a yeast infection!!!!
  2. They must have just the right amount of stretch.  Too much stretch and they’re falling down all day, and not enough (refer back to line 1)!
  3. Belt or no belt, they should stay on your waist without a need for minute by minute adjustment.  Who wants to pull their pants up all day??
  4. I’m petite (5’2 1/2″ ha!), so length is important.  Cropped denim on a petite frame can come off as a regular length.  And regular length jeans can come off as way too long!
  5. In the end, let’s face it, you want to look absolutely fabulous in your jeans!!

I Love Jeans…..

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty!  My current jean inventory includes about 60 pairs, more or less (probably more lol!).  I know that might sound like a lot, but they all have a fashion purpose.  Of course the main point is that I love jeans!  I’ve been lucky enough to work in environments that allow me to wear them everyday if I want.  Having a variety that work from A to Z is a must for me.

Let’s clear the air, I have to confess that I watch keeping up with the Kardashian’s (Khloe is my fave).  So I wasn’t surprised that Khloe Kardashian hit the curvy woman sweet spot with her denim line.  My first pair of Good American Good Leg jeans felt like butter on my body.  The stretch is perfect and the fit is superb!  These are a must have for every fab curvy female body.  They come in size from 0-24, which means they’re made for every body!  You have to have at least one pair in your closet!

Good American Jeans

Good American Good Leg Jeans

Good American Fits The Requirements…..

Who doesn’t want to feel fab on your best or worst day!  Just in case you’re fluctuating between 3-6lbs (because we all do from time to time), just know that Good American doesn’t punish you for it!  They don’t make you feel like you’re being forced into a sausage casing!  The stretch factor is perfect.  Being petite may require some minor alterations, but nothing that can’t be altered quickly.

What is your favorite denim brand?  Please share your favorites!

Jeans: Good American – Booties: Fendi (similar here) – T Shirt: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here)



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