The perfect place to relax on a rainy day or any day…

The perfect place to relax on a rainy day or any day…

Have you ever had a need for a “get away from everything” spot at home?  This is the place where you can curl up and take a nap, read a book, surf the net, or blog.  You know that spot that you can totally relax and let everything (or most) things go?  The ability to relax and unwind is super beneficial for our health!  But, as we all know, relaxing can seem like a luxury.  When your day consists of long commutes, stressful work days, parental duties (both child and adult/parent), and throw in home ownership (that means everything else and the kitchen sink..)!  Real talk, just looking at this list can wear you out!  So I have to share how my little chill and relax spot came about…. Disclosure….drinks can be a part of this story!

This is how the story starts……

In typical “me” fashion, I embrace my inner home improvement guru.  Let’s take this a step further, I like to do my own home improvements projects.  Or I should say, me and my hubby (my soulmate, my bike buddy, my ride or die, yeah..that guy) who is always up for my next home improvement project before he knows what has hit him:)!  Words cannot describe how much I love this man!  We have done our share of home improvement projects with a lot of laughs, sweat, self doubt/reflection and a love for being creative.  But at the end of the day we did them together!

So no surprise that after redoing the flooring in our bedroom, my husband looked at me sideways when I suggested that we build a window seat.  Keep in mind that we had just removed the old carpeting and installed the new flooring in about 2 days.  Our master bedroom is about about 450 sq ft including closet space.

Getting to the nitty gritty…..

Now this is where the story gets dicey!  I really thought I had my husband on board with the plan to build a really nice window seat.  In my mind it would be the perfect place to relax.  Yes, that spot!  Needless to say he wasn’t going for my extended project.  His legit reasoning was that putting in flooring was not good for his 40+ year old knees….or something like that!   So he was a “no” for my window seat idea.  My alternative was to work out an option that would meet my needs without a lot of construction.

I decided to look for a daybed that was streamlined and small.  I wanted something that would be a place to relax,  but also double as a place for my little ones to sleep when they visit.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my days of sleepwalking for the babies is in the rear view mirror!  Who has ever said that it’s fun being beat up by small fighting ninja’s in their sleep.  Side note, this little nook has benefits that save you from getting beaten, bruised, and battered by little hands, feet, elbows or other sharp little body parts.  You always forget how dangerous little kids are until they beat you down in your sleep lol!

The perfect relaxation nook…

My first experience on Etsy……

So my first time on Etsy opened my eyes up to the endless possibilities of  connecting with a lot of creative people.  I started searching for daybed options and found some really great pieces!  Everything from vintage, modern, contemporary, industrial pieces and more.  I quickly filtered what I was looking for.  My narrowed down furniture piece requirements were:

  1. It needed to be well made
  2. Local… that I could see check it out in person
  3. Not in need of extensive restoration

Shortly after I started my search, it ended.  I found a beautiful piece that was just what I had in mind.  It was located in the Washington DC Metro area.   And to top it off it was produced in Baltimore Maryland.  The construction is simple and elegant, but sturdy and well made.  The size is slightly smaller than a typical daybed, so a made to measure  mattress was a no brainer.  After checking it out in person, I decided it was perfect for what I had in mind.  I decided to also procure custom cushions on Etsy.  I selected my fabric and had it sent straight to the upholstery vendor 4Heidesign on Etsy.  This was going to be the perfect place to relax!  It will also double as a sleeping space for the little grand-kids when they’re visiting.  The daybed is lower than a typical window seat, but being able to customize it to make it work for me was great!  I like knowing that I can change the fabric and pillows to transform the area into something different whenever I feel like it.

Potthast Bros Antique Vintage Wood Daybed from Modern Inspiration on Etsy

I hope this inspires you to get creative when finding that perfect little place to relax at home!


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