Workout Gear That Motivates You To Stay Fit In 2018

Workout Gear That Motivates You To Stay Fit In 2018

For my inaugural post, I felt it would be fitting to feature inexpensive workout gear that motivates me to stay fit going into 2018.  Now that the 2017 Holiday Season is ending, most people are deciding their New Year’s resolution.  One of the top resolutions every year is getting fit!  Adding new workout gear to your closet doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to shop!

Feeling fit and fabulous beyond 40 can be a challenge unlike any other in a women’s life.  Making workouts a priority can be difficult while juggling family, home, and work!  For me, regular workouts are a positive source of energy and a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.  Even when I don’t feel up to it or don’t have much time, I make the effort to squeeze a workout in.  Not only do I benefit physically, but mentally it is a big boost!

Workout gear that you want to workout in!

The right workout gear can motivate you to get in the gym or hit the trail to get those steps in!  The outfits that you’ve worn (or not) for the last 20 years probably don’t cut it anymore.  Trust me, I had to purge some things that have been around well beyond their time.  Finding gear that looks good doesn’t have to bust your budget either, so check out my favorite finds!

To start, not having support in all of the right places can make or break a workout.  I’m a fan of sports bra that won’t make me mad at gravity because having proper support is necessary.  I wear a 36dd and have had to double my sport’s bras for support, which is why I like Champion and Natori sport’s bras.  They give maximum support during high impact workouts..i.e. burpees, jumping jacks, and running without having to double up.  Tops that wick moisture from your skin help you stay cool and comfortable while working out!  Plus, I absolutely love the cut outs on the top in the picture below.


Leggings that keep everything in check without sliding down my waist make strength training and cardio workouts much more bearable.  Preferably leggings that take me from a workout to running errands.  I recently found 90ºDegree by Reflex leggings that are inexpensive yet functional and can go straight from the gym to the street!

Click on the links throughout the post to check out my picks for looking fab40ward while you workout!


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