Birthday Dinner Date I am 50+, a wife, and mother of three, a Nunu and Nanu (aka granddaughter and grandson) and two Shihtzu’s with a passion for beauty and fashion.  I come into contact with women everyday who tell me that they love my style.  Yet, they have a hard time pulling together outfit and makeup. I am constantly stopped by people asking for advice on clothing, makeup, hair, workouts, food, and travel.

Being a beauty and fashion junky, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t carefully orchestrate what I was going to wear for the day.  Of course my style has evolved quite a bit over the years. Getting older, I realize that what I wore in the 80’s when I was in my teens/20’s doesn’t work now that I’m beyond 50!  With pictures to remind me of some of my early fashion choices, most of those choices are best left behind!  Big shoulder pads and big hair had their time and place lol!

I think that fashion beyond 40 is a lot about knowing yourself and can be an external beacon to let people have a preview of who you are.  Wearing a fabulous outfit and feeling pulled together when you walk out the door exerts confidence that makes people take notice.  Knowing what makeup looks good can make you look ten years younger. As mothers, caretakers, grandmothers etc., we sometimes put ourselves on the back burner. We forget that we can look fabulous beyond the age of 40 everyday without a lot of extra effort.  My blog will allow me to reach out to everyone with my ideas and inspirations!

Visit my blog often to check out the latest trends, classic style, my designer reviews, recipes, travel ideas,  and more if you want to be 40 plus and fabulous!!